PROGRAMME 2003-2004

(Meetings are held in the "Lecture Hall" at the rear of the Congregational chapel and start at 7-30pm)

October 13th 2003
Speaker :                       Dr Ken Wildey
                                    (Sponsored by the HGCA)

Title :                            Grain Storage Guide II – What’s in it for me?

November 3rd 2003
Speaker :                      Chris Knights 
		    (Farmer & wildlife photographer)

Title :                 	    Wildlife on my Breckland farm

December 1st 2003
Speaker :                       Steve Towmnsend 

Title :            	    Minimum Tillage – Getting it right!

January 12th 2004
Speaker :                       Clive Richardon             (C&J Supplies) 
                           And    Jamie Lawrance             (Roadphone Communications)
Title :                             Farm Security – Preventing & Detecting Intruders


February 14th 2004	SUPPER MEETING
Guest Speaker :              	Guy Smith

March 1st 2004			
Speaker :                       Stephen Humphreys
                                   (Bayer Crop Science)

Title :                             Changing the consumer's perception of pesticides

April 5th 2004			
Speaker :                       Richard Barker
                                   (Barker Gotelee solicitors) )

Title :                             The Single Farm Payment and CAP Reform - How will it affect you?

To be arranged  	AGM

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